Aerchs Protective Film New Factory in Dongguan Put into use

Aerchs bulided a New Protective Film Factory in Dongguan last year and beginning put into producing today.  The advance equipment  german reifenhauser cast film line has be imported.

Aerchs Protective Film New Factory in Dongguan Put into use

From start to 2018 , Now our production line from film to coating glue: blowing film  Coating machine Slitting machine  & Die cut machine  And the most important is we are imported the German Reifenhauser flow extension machine. There are only  3 factory owning this machine in China. Even now We are proud of our boss wise decision , With this advance equipment our quality  moving a huge step . Since 2013 We are get moving a big step on Protection film filed .

The Advantage part

The cast film production line mainly consists of five parts: extrusion part, casting part, corona part, winding part, and electronic control part. The mold part and the extrusion part can be freely combined according to the customer’s requirements, thus satisfying the different needs of the majority of customers (markets) to the maximum extent possible.

  • The design of the unique back device can freely adjust the pressure of the extruder.
  • The design of the unique screw flow channel can be applied to different materials to achieve a multi-purpose machine.
  • Roller flow channel design, better cooling effect, product quality is more stable, higher output.
  • The line speed of the cast film production line has reached the level of min–160m/min–250m.

German cast film production line features high speed, stable performance, environmental protection and energy saving. The thickness of the product is 0.017mm-0.08mm (the international standard is calculated by 0.025mm).

Post time: Mar-09-2018