High Temperature Resistance Tape

High temperature resistance tape is used in high temperature environment and mainly used for electronic industrial purposes. Temperature resistance is usually between 120 ° to 260 °, commonly used in painting, paint leather processing, coating and high temperature shielding in the process of electronic components.

1.High temperature resistance tape include:

Polyimide tape, Teflon PTFE tape, Crepe paper tape, PET green tape etc.
For example, Teflon tape has the following characteristics:
(2)High temperature resistance: long-term working temperature is up to 260 ℃;
(3)Corrosion resistance;
(4)Low friction, wear resistance;
(5)Moisture resistance, high insulation;
(6)Common thickness: 0.13mm, 0.18mm, 0.25mm;
(7)Colors are available with brown and black.

2. High temperature resistance tape identification

High temperature resistance tape could be identified mainly from the following points:

  • Taste
  •  Appearance
  •  Residue after ignition
  • The actual high temperature resistance tape test: check whether there is residue, shrinkage under 260 ° high temperature.

3.Storage, use and maintenance of high temperature resistance tape

  • Tape should be stored in the warehouse to avoid expose to the weather and are not allowed to contact with the organic acid solvent. Keep clean and dry. The room temperature is between -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
  •  Tape should be placed in rolls, not folded and should be flipped one time per quarter when the storage time is long.
  • It is better to use a crane when loading and unloading tapes.
  • Keep tapes in the clean environments as it is basic conditions for the tape to run well.
  • If there are damage in tapes at the early stage, it should find the questions and  repair in time to avoid the emergence of bad consequences.

Post time: Mar-16-2018