Natural Rubber Adhesive Tape

Natural rubber has the advantages ofacid and alkali resistant, anti-corrosion, UV resistant, heat resistant, not tackifying, residue-free, and noise-free,etc, natural rubber adhesive tapes can be widely used over different kinds of surface for masking, strapping, fixing and protection purpose. So natural rubber adhesive tapes are very popular among home appliance, auto, electronic and other industries.

Natural rubber adhesive tapes including MOPP Tape, PET tape, PVC fine line tape, PVC bag sealing tape, PE white&black protective film tape, trim Tape, OCA rework Tape, carrying handle tape etc.

  • Car Perforated Trim Masking Tape for Windshield and Window Molding

    Description: Perforated Trim Masking Tape features a rigid band along one edge that slips gently behind moldings, lifting them slightly from the body. This tape allows paint to flow beneath the moldings while masking their exteriors for a professional, finished paint job without removing or repla... Read more »

  • Colored Filmic PVC Bag Sealing Tape Bag Neck Sealer Tape 9mm

    Description: Bag sealing tape is based on a stable PVC backing, coated with a natural rubber adhesive. ¬†Feature: Excellent adhesion properties to a large number of different surfaces, both polar and non-polar. High tack and high initial bond, needing only a short time until reaching final adhesiv... Read more »